Solid and liquid Interfaces and surfaces - User Contributions in 2011

Total Contributions: 39

  Annealed CeO2/hex-Pr2O3/Si(111) multilayer systems | 2011

Sebastian Gevers, Henrik Wilkens, Hans Hermann Pieper, Michael Reichling, Joachim Wollschlaeger

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Beamline(s): W1

  Confocal XRF XANES analysis of the cathode electrolyte interface of lithium-ion batteries | 2011

M. Menzel, Annalena Schlifke, Michael Froeba, Ursula Fittschen

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Beamline(s): L

  Depth resolved phonon density of states of Fe at an interface with MgO | 2011

Sebastien Couet, Claire Petermann, Marteen Trekels, Andre Vantomme, Kristiaan Temst

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Beamline(s): P01

  Diffuse Scattering of Mercury-Electrolyte Interface | 2011

Benjamin Runge, Annika Elsen, Sven Festersen, Oliver H. Seeck, Bridget M. Murphy, Olaf M. Magnussen

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Beamline(s): P08

  Effective Attenuation Lengths in Ni for AR-HAXPES | 2011

Laszlo Kover, Ludomir Zommer, Istvan Cserny, Attila Csik, Sandor Egri, Wolfgang Drube, Sebastian Thiess

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Beamline(s): BW2

  Electron transfer in LaFeO3/LaTiO3 sandwich structures as probed by hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy | 2011

J. Kleibeuker, Florian Pfaff, A. Mueller, H. Nishikawa, Sebastian Thiess, Wolfgang Drube, G. Koster, G. Rijnders, M. Sing, Ralph Claessen

Beamline(s): BW2

  Electronic transitions in alfa, teta and gamma polymorphs of Ultraporous Monolithic Al2O3 | 2011

Luc Museur, Mohamed Bouslama, Mohamed Amamra, Andrei Kanaev

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Beamline(s): I

  Exploring the lateral order of the liquid-air interface by GiSAXS measurements | 2011

D.C. Florian Wieland, Irena Kiesel, Michael Paulus, Patrick Degen, Steffen Bieder, Bernd Struth, Heinz Rehage, Metin Tolan

Beamline(s): BW1

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