Instrumentation and techniques - User Contributions in 2011

Total Contributions: 30

  A thin liquid-jet and the microstructure of elongated particles | 2011

Ingo Steinke, Birgit Fischer, Christian Gutt, Gerhard Gruebel

Beamline(s): BW4

  Characterization of wavefront distortions in Bragg reflection on diamond crystals for hard X-ray FEL applications | 2011

Liubov Samoylova, Simon Rutishauser, Christian David, Uwe Flechsig, Juergen Hartwig, Pavle Juranic, Harald Sinn, Harald Sinn, Michael Sprung, Stanislav Stoupin, Timm Weitkamp

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Beamline(s): P10

  Data collection with Urchin Paracentrotus lividus using a new high-power, long-focusing polarization microscope | 2011

S.H. Park, Erika Griesshaber, Wolfgang W. Schmahl

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Beamline(s): F1

  Determination of residual stresses and dislocations density in surface layers using multireflection grazing incidence diffraction | 2011

Andrzej Baczmanski, Marianna Marciszko, Maciej Sniechowski, Chedly Braham, Joern Donges

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Beamline(s): G3

  Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure in Laue Geometry: First Tests on LiTaO_3 | 2011

Torsten Laurus, Martin Tolkiehn

Beamline(s): W1, E2

  Drying dynamics of colloidal dispersion investigated by in-situ vertical small angle X-ray scattering | 2011

Sunhyung Kim, Kyu Hyun, Kyung Hyun Ahn

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Beamline(s): BW1

  Experimental setup with laser unit for real space residual stress determination using beam limiting masks and the X-ray camera MAXIM | 2011

Alexander Liehr, Berthold Scholtes, Thorsten Manns, W. Zinn

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Beamline(s): G3

  High-resolution 3D tomography of frozen-hydrated biological samples by x-ray diffraction microscopy | 2011

Enju Lima, Li Li, Petra Pernot, Lutz Wiegart, Chae Un Kim

Beamline(s): P10

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