Dynamic properties of matter - User Contributions in 2011

Total Contributions: 15

  Atomic Diffusion in B2-NiAl | 2011

Bogdan Sepiol, Markus Stana, Manuel Ross, Michael Leitner

Contact for Report:

URL: http://dcs.univie.ac.at

Beamline(s): P10

  Density fluctuations in LDOT block copolymers leading to phase separation | 2011

Alejandro Sanz, Tiberio A. Ezquerra, Aurora Nogales

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.softmatpol.iem.csic.es

Beamline(s): P10

  Depth resolved phonon density of states of Fe at an interface with MgO | 2011

Sebastien Couet, Claire Petermann, Marteen Trekels, Andre Vantomme, Kristiaan Temst

Contact for Report:

Beamline(s): P01

  Dynamical and conformational changes in dissolved iron-porphyrin complexes | 2011

Katarzyna Dziedzic-Kocurek, Dorota Okla, Piotr Fornal, Jan Stanek

Beamline(s): A1

  Investigation of the density of phonon states of the Mn(5-x)FexSi3 Magnetocaloric Materials | 2011

Marcus Herlitschke, Michael Gottschlich, Benedikt Klobes, Joerg Voigt, Joerg Persson, Thomas Brueckel, Raphael Hermann

Beamline(s): P01

  Probing ultrafast dynamics of a cluster nanoplasma by a combination of time resolved ion spectroscopy and x-ray scattering techniques | 2011

Leonie Flueckiger, D. Rupp, T. Gorkhover, Marcus Adolph, M. Mueller, Tim Oelze, Y. Ovcharenko, R. Richter, M. Sauppe, Sebastian Schorb, D. Wolter, Sebastian Roling, B. Siemer, R. Mitzner, Helmut Zacharias, Stefan Duesterer, Marion Harmand, Harald Redlin, Rolf Treusch, Christoph Bostedt, T. Moeller, M. Krikunova

Beamline(s): BL2

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