Dynamic properties of matter - User Contributions in 2010

Total Contributions: 6

  Deformation of porous carbons upon adsorption | 2010

Christian Balzer, Gudrun Reichenauer

Beamline(s): B1

  Dynamic susceptibility measurements of colloidal suspensions | 2010

Heiko Conrad, Louisa Dahbi, Birgit Fischer, Leonard Mueller, Fabian Westermeier, Gerhard Gruebel

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Beamline(s): P10

  Flow and flow instabilities of soft glasses | 2010

Vijay Chikkadi, Birgit Fischer, Bernd Struth, Peter Schall

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URL: http://staff.science.uva.nl/~pschall/

Beamline(s): BW1

  Investigations of the kinetic pathway for the shear induced macroscopic alignment of a diblock copolymer by a unique Rheo-SAXS combination | 2010

Thomas Meins, Bernd Struth, Manfred Wilhelm

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Beamline(s): BW1

  Shear orientation in microfluidic channels investigated at the microfocus beamline MiNaXS/P03 at PETRA III | 2010

S. Foerster, Martin Trebbin, J. Thiele, Sebastian With, Stephan V. Roth, Peter Mueller-Buschbaum, V. Koerstgens, M. Rawolle, Gunthard Benecke, Gerd Herzog, Matthias Schwartzkopf, Adeline Buffet, Jan Perlich

Contact for Report:

URL: http://www.pci.uni-bayreuth.de/rg_foerster/en/index.html

Beamline(s): P03