Cultural heritage and archeometry - User Contributions in 2011

Total Contributions: 5

  Looking with intense synchrotron light through darkening Dead Sea scrolls | 2011

Jan Gunneweg, Bridget M. Murphy, Martin Mueller, Fabian Wilde, Felix Beckenberg

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Beamline(s): BW2

  Pigment analysis on porcelain cards using confocal u-XANES | 2011

Lien Van de Voorde, Bart Vekemans, Geert Silversmit, Karen Appel, Annelien Deneckere, Peter Vandenabeele, Luc Moens, Laszlo Vincze

Beamline(s): L

  Study of imperial brass Chinese coins and archaeological Portuguese Cu-based artefacts by X-Ray diffraction | 2011

Rui Miguel Santos Martins, Norbert Schell, Maria Joao Furtado, Filipa Pereira, Rui Silva

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Beamline(s): P07B

  XAS investigations of faience from ancient Egypt and from lab-syntheses | 2011

Peter Kappen, Mark Eccleston, Paul Pigram

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Beamline(s): C