Inhouse Part - Research Reports in 2010

Materials science

  Characterization of Ce2O3 and CeO2 growth on Si by hard X-ray core level photoelectron spectroscopy | 2010

A. Allahgholi, Jan Hoecker, Jan Ingo Flege, Sebastian Thiess, Wolfgang Drube, Jens Falta

Beamline(s): BW2, P09

  High energy diffraction measurements of FINEMET type alloys during isothermal annealing | 2010

Vladimir Kolesar, Jozef Bednarcik, Pavol Sovak, Hermann Franz

Beamline(s): BW5

  In Situ Investigation of Lead-free Solder Alloys Microstructure | 2010

Juraj Durisin, Jozef Bednarcik, Anthony M.T. Bell

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Beamline(s): B2

  Resonant and non-resonant magnetic x-ray scattering on HoFe3(BO3)4 | 2010

Dinesh Kumar Shukla, Joerg Strempfer, Sonia Francoual, Martin von Zimmermann, Leonard N. Bezmaternykh, I. A. Gudim, Vladislav L. Temerov

Beamline(s): P09, BW5

  Soft magnetic Fe-based bulk metallic glasses | 2010

Jozef Bednarcik, Vladimir Kolesar, Mihai Stoica, Stephan V. Roth, Hermann Franz, Juergen Eckert

Beamline(s): BW5

  Structural studies of ScFe and PdSi nanoglasses using SAXS and XRD | 2010

Ulla Vainio, Jozef Bednarcik, Jixiang Fang, Vladimir Kolesar, Herbert Gleiter

Beamline(s): B1, BW5

  Tensile deformation studies of Fe72.5Cu1Nb2Mo2Si15.5B7 glassy ribbons at elevated temperatues using XRD | 2010

Stefan Michalik, Jozef Bednarcik, Hermann Franz

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Beamline(s): BW5

  Texture analysis of low-carbon packing sheets with high energy synchrotron radiation | 2010

Peter Ignath, Jozef Bednarcik, Stefan Niznik

Beamline(s): BW5

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